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Native American Words
from the Potawatomi Dictionary

Native American peoples did not just live in history. They are here today keeping their traditions, cultures and languages alive. The Internet is a tool they are using to teach their customs and heritage. You will find information on many tribal groups on-line. We found these Potawatomi words at

Many tribes lived in Illinois before Europeans arrived. The Potawatomi had villages in the Chicago area for about 300 years until they were displaced by early settlers after 1832.

How to pronounce some of the symbols:

e' = the a in English cat
I = the i in English fit
c = ch
zh = the s in English leisure

All the letters in the Potawatomi alphabet:
a b c d e e' g h i I j k m n o p s sh t u w y z zh

Some Potawatomi (Bodé wad mi) words that describe nature
with a sampling of audio files from native speakers

acorns -- mtugmenen
all of us together, -- jaye'k
animal -- me'cbi
animals -- me'cbiyuk
eagle -- kno
bald eagle -- beshkno
bear -- mko
Bear tracks in the snow -- Pe'mkowe't
beaver -- muk
bee -- amo
bird -- pen'shi
bird flying fast -- sheyoshke'
bison -- pkocshuka
butterfly -- memiki
caterpillar -- wemkwoyane
coyote -- nanimwe'
deer -- suksi
drum -- de'we'gIn
eagle -- kno
earth -- sugmuk
feather -- migwIn
fire -- shkote'
flower -- waskone'to
fox -- wekshi
grass -- mIshkos
milkweed -- nInwezhe'k
owl -- kokoko
prairie -- mokoda
rain -- kmowen
red tailed hawk -- me'shktenye'
snow - pkon
sky -- kizhuk
sun - kizes
tree -- mtuk
water -- mbish
wind -- notin