The Natural Areas Rescue Fund represents a partnership of professional resource managers, conservation leaders, scientists, educators, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission working together to protect "orphan" natural areas and endangered species.

Save the Prairie Society is recognized for grassroots action to preserve the Wolf Road Prairie and Buffer in Cook County, Illinois. Landowner contact, land acquisition, ecological restoration, conservation education, and building connections to constituents by promoting low impact access and nature programs are some of the methods we incorporate to promote natural areas as enduring public resouces.

We recognize that citizens throughout the state of Illinois value their natural heritage and are looking for methods and connections to secure threatened places and open lands in their communities.

The sites identified by NARF are on the Natural Areas Inventory List and represent the best quality and often times the only remaining example of a particular ecosystem type. Such sites include Geissler Savanna, Goode's Woods and Tomlin Timber -- all protected today because of the involvement and actions of Save the Prairie Society.

photo by Angella K. Moorehouse, Illinois Nature Preserves Commission
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