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History of the Restoration Site

Role of Buffer Sites in Preserving Biodiversity

Project Goals and Purpose

Restoration Strategy and Methods

Site Biodiversity

Education and Outreach

Project Participants
  --Partners and Donors


Because Wolf Road Prairie is known for its ecological significance, it attracts support from many domains. Private funders and foundations, corporate and business entities, educational institutions, science groups, student groups, professional landscapers interested in native plants and ecosystems, and county,state and federal administrative agencies.

Like a watering hole where many species gather for diverse purposes, the prairie draws interest from a range of geographic areas and populations as a conservation destination and demonstration/education resource.

  §  As a model project, the restoration on Hickory Lane can be studied and modified by other sites that share its goals and purposes.

  §  As a recovering buffer property, much can be learned from the techniques and applications which are proving successful in stimulating native plant populations.

  §  As a field station, we welcome participants to join in a process that demonstrates the feasibility of ecosystem recovery and encourages more funding to acquire and restore other potentially fertile landscapes.

Ecologists and experts studying recovery site
photo by Phil Cihlar

It is a testimony to the power of these dynamics that the bufferlands project has accrued a substantial number of supporters and partners.