Dr. Darrel Murray, Professor Emeritus -- University of Illinois at Chicago, leads tours and seminars at Wolf Road Prairie and oversees seed collection and plant propagation for bufferland restoration. Dr. Murray was personally involved in raising over 7,000 native plants of 47 species introduced to the buffer sites in 2002 and 2003. To review the scientific and common names of native plants introduced to the sites and the number of plants, visit the species list.

Soil and hydrology studies are ongoing at Wolf Road Prairie. The soils, two to three feet deep, provide a record of the creation and accumulation over time of the orginal soils of Illinois.

Volunteers are an important part of brush and weed removal at Wolf Road Prairie. This hand work supplements the heavy mechanical work provided by contractors that was made possible through this grant.

Tours of restoration activities at Wolf Road Prairie draw visitors from all over Cook County and Illinois. In addition, visitors from nearly 40 foreign lands have visited the 80-acre Wolf Road Prairie.       

Photos by Phil Cihlar and Cynthia Gehrie